Zespół Państwowych Szkół Muzycznych nr 4
im. Karola Szymanowskiego w Warszawie


Complex of State Music Schools no 4 (ZPSM nr 4)

01-530 Warszawa, ul. Krasińskiego 1
tel. +48-22 839 18 78
tel./fax +48-22 839 18 79


10th Maciej Paderewski
Warsaw International Master Courses
20-27 August 2016
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Principal: Hanna Sawicka
Vice-Principal & Head of Music Studies: Ewa Kamińska, Stanisław Halat
Vice–Principals & Heads of Academic Studies: Joanna Oczkowska, Barbara Janiczek
Head-Coordinator of Afternoon Secondary Music School: Magdalena Hruszwicka
Piano Head: Justyna Galant-Wojciechowska, Wilia Ochocka-Janusz
Additional Piano Head: Zofia Malcolm
Strings, Harp and Accordion Heads: Anna Skibińska-Haponiuk, Magdalena Specjał-Barbachowska
Wind and Percussion Head: Wiesław Woźnicki
Theory of Music: Agata Kuchta
Musical Education Methods Head: Agnieszka Widlarz


6-year Comprehensive Primary Music School
providing basic musical education and general academic education
– academic studies
– musical studies with instrumental department

6-year Comprehensive Secondary Music School
providing secondary musical education and general academic education of a junior high school and high school level, leading to the Certficate of Secondary Education
– academic studies
– musical studies with instrumental department

6-year Afternoon Secondary Music School
providing secondary musical education
– musical studies with instrumental and vocal department

The school was founded in 1945 and given the name of Karol Szymanowski two years later. In 1999 it was transformed into Complex of Music Schools. There are 370 students educated under the supervision of 150 teachers (many of them are university lecturers). Among the school’s professors, graduates and students are world-famous musicians. Apart from individual lessons of playing the instruments, school children take part in rehearsals of symphony orchestra, choir and many chamber ensembles. The important events in school life are concerts combining artistic purpose and charity for people in need e.g. annual charity concerts in the National Philharmony for people suffering from multiple sclerosis. Moreover, the school’s students frequently hold concerts in the Fryderyk Chopin Academy of Music in Warsaw (in 1988 our school entered into the agreement of cooperation and exchange of experience), Polish Radio Concert Hall, Warsaw Music Society and many more prestigious concert halls. The school is also the place of numerous master courses, competitions, seminars and nationwide and regional auditions of music schools of primary and secondary level. The school cooperates with many foreign music schools and it has participated in artistic appearances in Europe (e.g. Lyon, Grenoble, London, Karlsruhe, Arezzo and Moscow). Between 2005 and 2009 the school participated in Leonardo da Vinci Programme and has been a partner of Comenius Programme  “Music: an open door to Europe” since 2011. Within the framework of these programmes students visit partner institutions in Finland, Estonia, Portugal, Spain, Austria, The Czech Republic and Germany,  among others, and the school receives guests from these countries. The  Music - Talent - Passion Foundation affiliated with the school has operated since 2012 and runs Music Kindergarten and holds numerous artistic events in the school.


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Leonardo da Vinci

Warsaw International Master Courses


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